The Devil's in the Details: How Your Office Policies Can Help You... or COST You. Recorded Live at Townie Meeting!

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Townie Meeting 2014 Lecture Series
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Paul Edwards, The Devil's in the Details: How Your Office Policies Can Help You... or COST You. Recorded Live at Townie Meeting!
Speaker: Paul Edwards
CE Credits: 2
Format: MP4 Video
During this interactive and eye-opening HR training course, Paul Edwards will unmask the most common employment policy mistakes many dental practices inadvertently make. You will learn which policies ...more
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  • Running Time: 1.5 hours
  • Released: 1/7/2015
  • Expiration Date: 6/30/2019
  • Review Date: 6/30/2016
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Every year, hundreds of employment laws are added or changed at both the federal and state levels. As an employer, you must be 100 percent compliant with all of these laws 100 percent of the time to avoid penalties, fees and vulnerabilities when you let someone go. But unless you’re an HR expert or an attorney, staying current and getting everything right isn’t just hard, it’s impossible.

During this eye-opening HR training course, Paul Edwards will unmask the most common employment policy mistakes many dental practices inadvertently make. You will learn which policies you can’t afford to guess at or borrow from someone else, which ones you’re missing and desperately need, and what you must do to protect yourself and your practice. You’ll also learn the 10 best tips for identifying and hiring the best team for your practice. Don’t become a victim of your own policies and the “devilish” details they hide!

You will develop an advanced understanding of HR and employment laws as they apply to you and your staff, discover which 10 “deadly” policy mistakes are probably already in your employee handbook, learn how hiring better will solve 90 percent of the issues you’ll face as an employer, and identify steps to protect yourself and your practice from frivolous and expensive employment lawsuits. Recorded Live at Townie Meeting 2014!

Description of Speaker:
Paul Edwards is the co-founder and CEO of CEDR HR Solutions (Center for Employment Dispute Resolution), together with Douglass Lodmell. CEDR was established back in 2006 as the premier provider of customized employee handbooks for dental and medical professionals of all sizes and specialties across the United States. Paul has over 20 years of experience as a manager and business owner. He is well-known throughout the dental community for his expertise and specialty in helping dentists successfully handle employee issues and safely navigate the complex and ever-changing employment and labor law landscape. Paul is a frequent contributor to AADOM newsletter and Dentaltown online forums, and regularly speaks at dental seminars, conferences and CE courses across the country.

Educational Objectives:
Upon completion of this course, participants should be able to achieve the following:
  • Identify the 10 deadliest employee policies many dentists believe are harmless, and the dangers they conceal
  • Learn how to self-audit your HR practices and policies to see if they're legal, and why having no handbook is no protection at all
  • Understand why documentation is your best defense
  • Learn why neither your payroll company nor accountant will protect you from wage and hour mistakes, and why no template can possibly work when you need it
  • Learn why hiring better in the first place will solve 90 percent of the issues you'll face, and the 10 best tips for finding and hiring the best staff members for your team
  • Identify what more than half of dentists are doing illegally right now when it comes to CEs and seminars
  • Attain advanced understanding of which employment laws apply to you and your staff

The speaker discloses that he has a financial interest in consulting dental professionals in the subject matter that he is lecturing on.

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5.0  (1 Review)
 1 person would recommend this course to a friend.
Instructor spoke clearly and was easy to understand
Course material was informative, organized, and up to date
Course objectives were consistent with course as advertised
User: Peyton
Date: 2/11/2015
Instructor spoke clearly and was easy to understand
Course material was informative, organized, and up to date
Course objectives were consistent with course as advertised
A lot of good information.
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