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CareCredit Adds Free Practice Management Audio Program to Educational Library

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Posted: March 6, 2018
Edited by Dentaltown staff

COSTA MESA, Calif.—CareCredit, a patient financing company, is expanding its educational library with the addition of a new audio program The Art of Successful Patient Conversations by Katherine Eitel Belt, CEO and founder of LionSpeak, a company that helps professionals communicate in a powerful and authentic way. This educational audio program is available free to dentists and teams who accept CareCredit.

In the new audio program, Belt provides insight and practical tools that enable dental teams to have comfortable and effective financial conversations, on the phone and in the practice. She shares how to uncover the team's belief systems about money and how those belief systems can impact the financial conversation. She also shares how the team can inadvertently discourage treatment acceptance, her four-step telephone protocol and how to effectively respond when a new patient's first question is, "Do you take my insurance?" 
"What I've discovered is that most dental teams innately want to connect and want to help patients. All they need is an environment that enables them to expand and leverage this innate talent. When it comes to financial conversations, good things happen when we provide our team with effective protocols and a framework that they can then infuse with their own voice," said Belt. "This gives teams the ability to communicate with the patient in a way that is authentic, yet provides consistency, accountability and predictable outcomes."    

CareCredit's educational library features leading practice educators sharing insights on key practice management issues.

"CareCredit continues to be committed to helping dentists and teams by connecting them to practical solutions on topics such as overhead management, attracting new patients and increasing referrals," said Bete Johnson, senior vice president of business development, CareCredit.

Practices that currently accept the CareCredit health care credit card can request a copy of this complimentary audio program by contacting their practice development team at 800-859-9975, option 1, then 6. Practices who haven't added CareCredit as a financing solution can call 800-300-3046, option 5, to request their complimentary copy.
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