Glidewell and Structo Announce Integration of the Velox Desktop 3-D Printer Into

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Glidewell and Structo Announce Integration of the Velox Desktop 3-D Printer Into
Posted: February 23, 2018
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CHICAGO—Glidewell Dental, provider of custom restorative services, materials and devices, has announced its expanded partnership with Structo, a dental 3-D printing solutions provider, with the integration of the Structo Velox desktop 3-D printer into the In-Office Solution.
The California-based dental technology company was announced as the launch customer for Structo’s latest 3-D printer designed for dental labs, the DentaForm, last April.
“To take dental 3-D printing to the next level, we believe the complexity of the technology must get out of the way so that clinicians can focus on delivering better patient outcomes,” said Huub van Esbroeck, Structo founder.
The Structo Velox is a desktop 3-D printer that features a patented fully autonomous post-processing system to streamline the dental appliance manufacturing process. It comprises three stages—print, wash and cure—on a rotating carousel, fitting all these functions into one single low-footprint automated system. The Velox also features Structo’s new pre-processing service called AutoPrint, a cloud service to which users upload an STL file, after which the nesting, supporting and slicing are taken care of—and the printer can start automatically without requiring any further intervention.
Released in November 2017, the In-Office Solution is described as a chairside ecosystem designed to simplify the prescribing and delivering of laboratory-grade restorations. The workflow begins with an intraoral scan transferred to Glidewell’s software, which serves to auto-design restorations. The software also serves as a communications platform to the lab, where users can prescribe cases or access digital optimization and technical support. For cases in which chairside milling is indicated, the clinician submits the design to the in-office unit for immediate fabrication.
“With the addition of the Structo Velox, the solution will be able to offer a complete suite of in-office applications covering intraoral scanning, desktop milling and now desktop 3-D printing, giving clinicians an all-in-one solution for lab-grade appliance manufacturing in their own practice," said Mike Selberis, Glidewell's chief technology officer.
The Structo Velox will be an integral part of the ecosystem, adding seamless direct printing capabilities for single and multi-unit restorations, drill guides, splints, models and orthodontic appliances.

“This partnership with Glidewell Dental and the development of a deep integration with their systems fully embodies our vision for the Velox—taking the work out of the workflow—making this a perfect partnership to bring our dental-specific solutions to market,” adds Huub.
Structo and Glidewell are both hopeful that through this collaboration, they can change the way clinicians approach appliance manufacturing and accelerate the progress of digital dentistry across the industry.
The Structo Velox 3-D printer is expected to be available as part of the Solution in the United States later in 2018, with applications for their closed beta program opening on Feb. 22. It is currently being displayed at Structo’s booth (Booth 4536) and Glidewell Dental’s booth (Booth 4021) at the Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting.

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