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Dentaltown Lands in the UK with Brand New E-mag and Forum

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Dentaltown Lands in the UK with Brand New E-mag and Forum
Posted: February 28, 2017
Edited by Dentaltown staff

PHOENIX—Dentistry giant Dentaltown has extended its reach with a brand new, U.K. focused, e-magazine, DentaltownUK! 

U.S.-based Dentaltown made its name as the world’s largest and most heavily used dental forum. Through their affiliation with Dentaltown, DefactoDentists is pleased to be launching DentaltownUK. 

With a pre-launch subscription base of more than 20,000 dentists, DentaltownUK’s launch is set to reach more dental professionals than other U.K. magazines. The free subscription allows U.K. dental professionals to access the online Dentaltown forums, as well as the monthly e-magazine.

The forum provides a networking platform for dental professionals, allowing them to discuss cases, offer advice, look for jobs and even locate a potential new practice. The DentaltownUK magazine will allow them to stay up to date with industry news, as well as read clinical, technical and lifestyle articles written by their peers. 

Dr. Mike Gow heads up the DentaltownUK editorial team. The honorary editorial board is diverse and includes highly regarded names in U.K. dentistry including Anoop Maini, Milad Shadrooh, James Russell, Zaki Kanaan, Rahul Doshi, Andrew Wallace, Elaine Halley, Shameek Popat, Stephen Jacobs, Guy Laffan and student editor Kishan Seth. The board is responsible for providing content in their own specialist topics as well as encouraging exciting content from their peers.

DentaltownUK doesn’t want to focus purely on dentistry. The group also wants to focus on what dentists do outside office hours, highlighting the importance of a work/life balance and dealing with the issues of stress and depression. They have included a lifestyle section alongside clinical and technical content. This section discusses a variety of topics, from cars to food to fitness and is led by the Internet sensation, ‘The Singing Dentist’, Milad Shadrooh BDS. 

Founder of the company, Howard Farran, is “beyond thrilled” about the extension of Dentaltown in the U.K. and is positive about the future of DentaltownUK. 

“The Dentaltown magazine has a reach of around 300,000 dentists worldwide. With the new DentaltownUK e-magazine comes an opportunity to present international cases and concepts from Dentaltown alongside those from the UK. We have a fantastic board of ‘honorary editors’ who will work to ensure that we are delivering an e-magazine that you will find educational and entertaining," said Dr. Gow.

“We’re looking forward to everyone receiving the magazine and giving us feedback. Everyone on the team has worked incredibly hard to achieve a diverse, stimulating magazine and response so far has been incredible.” 

For more information, call 0141 333 6535, or email 
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