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New patients are the lifeblood of any dental practice, and a steady monthly increase is one of three critical components to growing business.

With 98 percent of new-patient appointments booked over the phone, proper training on effectively handling new-patient calls and ongoing accountability is critical to getting the necessary number of new patients to grow a practice. Scheduling Institute's New Patient Mastery 5-Star Certification Program provides teams with the skills, knowledge and accountability to become new-patient scheduling masters. The program focuses solely on leveraging current marketing and front-desk teams to produce an increase in new patients.

With the guidance of team members backed by 20 years of proven results-generating experience, doctors are taught to maximize their phone coverage (increase their hours, if necessary) and create a baseline for their monthly new-patient average along with a set of incentivized goals for their team.

Once the basics are established, doctors and their teams will learn the five-star phone formula, which will help them convert more new-patient phone inquiries into scheduled appointments. The program provides the necessary tracking resources and strategies to help track progress. Once the system is mastered, team members will be eligible for certification each month.

In addition to training (on site or self-study) and certifying the team, the program provides a variety of engagement-boosting resources and accountability systems that keep the doctor and team on track to grow the practice through increasing new patient numbers. These include: a monthly mystery call, personal resource websites to track statistics and trends, unlimited access to the Scheduling Institute training boot camp series, weekly e-tips, monthly new-patient contests and progress reports, free seats to customer appreciation events, and access to a live, dedicated team.

The Scheduling Institute has trained and certified tens of thousands of team members through its certification program, leading thousands of practices to record-breaking new-patient numbers. To see a significant positive change in your practice this year, try the New Patient Mastery 5-Star Certification Program and visit to see where your front-desk team ranks.

About the company:

The Scheduling Institute was founded in 1997 by Jay Geier and quickly captivated the dental and medical specialty practices through its innovative formula to increase new patients. Its expert training staff has been helping practices worldwide see their highest-ever new-patient and collections numbers through training, coaching and mentoring programs in practice-growth management. Scheduling Institute employs 200 people stationed throughout the United States and abroad and is the recipient of 11 consecutive Townie Choice Awards in the past seven years. For more information, visit


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