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The Industry News section helps keep you informed and up-to-date about what’s happening in the dental profession. If there is information you would like to share in this section, please email your news releases to All material is subject to editing and space availability.

MacPractice Announces Updated Compatibility
MacPractice DDS practice management and clinical software is now compatible with MacOS Sierra and El Capitan operating systems.

MacPractice uses an all-in-one design philosophy to assist practices in housing and protecting their patients' identities and health information. The company collaborates with third-party vendors to integrate Mac native products and services, such as digital imaging, e-claims, integrated network fax and integrated secure messaging, for enhanced practice productivity and efficiency. MacPractice also provides bridges to Windows solutions.

The practice management and clinical software development firm supports 30,000 users in 25 countries, who have been invited to participate in a controlled rollout of the new software to assure the quality and support of the update.

For more information, visit Completes Transition to Sharp Edge Marketing has completed its transition to a full-service dental marketing company with the announcement of the Sharp Edge Marketing brand. 

Sharp Edge Marketing specializes in direct mail, call tracking and scoring, staff training, and transparent reporting and analytics via its 24/7 dashboard. With this new branding, Sharp Edge Marketing announces the release of its new website,, and services such as value proposition research and analysis, logo and graphic design services, website development and hosting.

Continuing its efforts to help dental practices maximize their potential through effective and insightful marketing strategies, the company has partnered with Dental Intel, a leader in dental business intelligence software. Dental Intel helps dentists to not only see the information they need and want, but also understand that info and use it to significantly improve their overall practice. 

For more information and access to a free marketing budget toolkit, visit

Compassionate Finance Partners with Six Month Smiles
Compassionate Finance recently announced its partnership with Six Month Smiles to offer monthly payment options to all providers and their patients. 

Compassionate Finance, a division of Comprehensive Finance, has become one of the fastest-growing payment solutions in dentistry. With more than $50 million in financing to date, the company has helped thousands of dentists.

By leveraging cloud-based technology, Compassionate Finance provides a solution that looks at multiple indicators when evaluating a patient's ability to make payments. The company processes the application and approval and manages the payments and customer service, while dentists receive a monthly payment via direct deposit on the loan.

For more information, call 866-964-4727 or visit

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