Alex Touchstone Prepares With Redesign and Relaunch

Posted: March 25, 2013

Hattiesburg, MS – March 25, 2013 -- Alex Touchstone, DDS, a leading authority on digital restorative dentistry and chairside CAD/CAD technology, recently redesigned and relaunched (C3), a popular web portal and online community dedicated to the advocacy of digital dentistry with a strong focus on the E4D CAD/CAM restorative system.

“We basically tore down C3 and rebuilt it to better represent the new era of CAD/CAM technology,” explained Touchstone. “The latest developments in digital imaging technology are now the foundation of a digital practice that will incorporate implantology, orthodontics and prosthodontics.”

In an effort to accommodate the rapidly expanding amount of information on the latest techniques and clinical applications for digital impressions and CAD/CAM, C3 was re-engineered with easier, intuitive navigation, greater emphasis on point-of-view video techniques, demonstrations from CAD/CAM thought leaders, an insightful blog by Dr. Touchstone called “CAD/CAM Touch Points,” informative webinars, and the latest news and events about relevant technology and materials.

The redesigned is also accepting sponsorships by companies who wish to target the rapidly-growing community of passionate chairside CAD/CAM users and proponents of digital dentistry. Advertising inquiries can be made by contacting



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