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BISCO Introduces the Highly Radiopaque ÆLITEFLO LV Low Viscosity Composite


SCHAUMBURG, IL – BISCO Dental Products is proud to announce that the legendary ÆLITEFLO LV, a light-cured low viscosity micro-hybrid composite has been re-formulated and is now highly radiopaque.  This enhancement will allow for easy identification on radiographs.  ÆLITEFLO LV’s flow characteristics are ideal for use as a dentin liner, for blocking undercuts, pit & fissure sealants, and preventative resin restorations.  Its easy handling and low viscosity flow allow for effortless adaption to dentition.

ÆLITEFLO LV exhibits self-leveling properties, facilitating excellent adaptation to the preparation walls, avoiding air entrapment.  Its micro-hybrid formula provides outstanding strength, high polish and gloss for improved esthetics. 

ÆLITEFLO LV is available in 2 VITA Shades (A2 & A3.5) in 1.5g syringes and the original ÆLITEFLO restorative line offers a range of 12 shades.  To order, please call 1-800-BIS-DENT (1-800-247-3368) or visit

Posted: 2/13/2013