Komet USA Introduces Depth-Marking Diamonds

New instruments add predictability to preparations for all-ceramic restorations
Posted: October 14, 2016
Edited by Dentaltown staff

ROCK HILL, S.C.—Komet USA has introduced PrepMarker depth-marking diamonds, which enable the user to achieve and maintain the minimum layer thickness for all-ceramic restoration preparations.

Designed with a safety-stop function to precisely mark preparation depth, the diamonds maximize restorative success and predictability. They are suitable for use in a wide range of esthetic restorative procedures, including all-ceramic partial crowns, onlays, and overlays. Offering a specialized operating mode, the instruments also can be used for table-top preparations and other new prep designs.
For easy identification, the defined preparation depth is laser-marked on each instrument shank. Available sizes include 0.5mm, 1mm, 1.5mm, and 2mm. A starter kit (kit 4663) contains a total of eight Komet PrepMarker instruments, two of each size.

The diamonds should be used an optimum speed of 40,000 rpm—not to exceed a maximum speed of 160,000 rpm—with sufficient cooling spray and a maximum contact pressure of 2N.

For more information, visit kometusa.com.
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