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Implant Prosthodontics
Implant Prosthodontics
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Be Selfish in 2017!!

Be Selfish in 2017!!

12/31/2016 12:11:57 PM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 46
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     On the eve of another new year, plan for success and plan to be selfish.  Describing someone as selfish is usually  negative.  I understand and agree in some instances.  When preparing to achieve board certification, being selfish is necessary.  This short term departure from your normal self okay in this instance.   Successfully challenging the boards is absolutely doable, but it requires a level of sacrifice many do not feel comfortable making.

Dentistry is a profession about giving all of one's self to our patients.  We sacrifice many years and sleepless nights in order to pursue advanced degrees and demanding course work.   In a way, our spouses and families also go through the grueling grind because they are usually left alone while we plod along on our journey.  Much of what we do is for others, the Boards are for you!

In 2017, you have my permission to be selfish and give yourself the gift of Board Certification.  By now, if you are challenging the upcoming boards, your cases are probably nearing completion.  You are to be congratulated on your discipline and dedication to select the right patients, plan the case accordingly, make hundreds of photos, pray your final radiographs look flawless: and if you're like me, redo and start your Part IV over only weeks before the test.  That was fun.  Did I mention all the photos?

Giving up time with family and friends to pursue this dream could be considered selfish.  But you should not feel bad about it.  Achieving this goal is a wonderful experience and opens many doors for your future. The next time someone accuses you of being "selfish", thank them and say this only temporary and that you an unstoppable force that will not be denied your prize.  That person is also probably not a fellow Pros resident.  Please reach out with comments or questions.  Happy New Year!!

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