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Top 4 Chinese Herbs for Hair Loss And Hair Regrow
11/1/2015 7:15:29 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 123
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When it comes to hair treatments, natural Chinese herbs for hair loss are one of the best supplements a man can take. Thinning hair can be a scary thing, so it is best to not stress about it (and potentially cause more hair loss!). Take things with stride – Chinese herbs have a long enough history that make them safe and worth your efforts. Not only will you know if one particular herb will work on your unique scalp, you may have the side-benefit of treating discoloration.

1. He Shouwuincreases the circulation of the blood in your scalp (and body!) and it is known for restoring natural hair pigmentation.

2. MorusAlbus is good in preventing discoloration of your hair. It is quick growing and has other beneficial properties that make it a good home remedy.

3. Nu ShenZipromotes hair growth. Not only is it good for recovering from bald patches, it also is good for toxin removal and immune system reinforcement. It is not surprising that some people would say that it provides blood purification since it is known to increase the body's blood circulation. Its use will increase the scalp's skin quality and it will prevent such illnesses as dermatitis and psoriasis. Furthermore, you'll feel good that it will be beneficial for your kidneys and liver in the form of a tonic.

4. Wu Wei Zin, as a tonic, purifies blood. For hair treatment, it is known to stop baldness and improve hair growth (making it softer and silkier!).

Cook These Herbs

If you get a hold of the Chinese herbs to regrow lost hair suggested above, go ahead and take a bite (after washing them of course!). Don't be afraid to eat them raw; the Chinese people have the custom of doing so! Go ahead and boil them if needed to be. If you want to make the most of each herb, take the left-over water from such boiling and use it to cook your other foods.
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