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Dental Internet Marketing
Dr Patrick Crawford DDS
Discover real internet marketing methods that actually work in 2014. Too many dentists waste money on marketing - and you'd be surprised at how many guys get ripped off by internet marketing companies like I did.

7 Dental Internet Marketing Questions To Ask Your Agency

7 Dental Internet Marketing Questions To Ask Your Agency

2/18/2014 11:29:10 AM   |   Comments: 2   |   Views: 6338
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1) How Long Will It Take You To Rank My Site On The First Page Of Google?

A) If you’re in a competitive area, I'd say 4 months, otherwise less.

If a dental SEO company says that it takes at least 6 months to rank your site onto the first page, don’t walk, run away. This is a company that’s probably  just trying to lock in residual revenues from you.  On average, just about any SEO campaign for a dental practice should be able to be ranked in under 4 months to the first page, of course excluding alpha cities like New York and Los Angeles.  If the company is vague and refuses to give real metrics and expectations that’s a serious red flag that they are just trying to take your money.  Look for agencies that set deadlines and expectations that are clearly relayed to you, understand that they may be off by a month or two, but there should be no vague 12 month expectation.

2) Do You Guarantee Results?

A) No SEO company should guarantee #1 rankings, but they should be able to guarantee significant results that are relative to your area, meaning that decent results should be able to be guaranteed within a set time frame. The key is to avoid vagueness.

One of the most important things you could do is to ask the agency for a small list of clients to lookup, and see that their clients are decently ranking in their city. Would you eat at a restaurant without food present?  Same notion applies here, if they can’t provide real examples of ranking sites really well then why trust them with your site?  Find an agency that has examples and can confidently answer all the questions on this post.

3) What Methods Are You Applying To Stay Current With Hummingbird And Penguin?

A) Your SEO company shouldn’t be doing today what they’ve done 5 years ago. If they are, end the conversation because their methods are outdated, and they will most likely hurt your rankings.

Changes to the SEO industry are constant, so the methods an agency employs should be rapidly changing to keep up with how sites are ranked.  If your agency promises thousands of links, run, as they are most likely spamming and hurting you.  If your SEO companies’ main strategy is submitting your site to a bunch of directories, launching press releases without care, and posting a few blog posts every month then they are definitely outdated.  Social is another important key and if the company isn’t utilizing viral social techniques then again they are outdated.  An example  is the number of people who are sharing your content on networks like, Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon. Penguin was a Google algorithm update that focused on links. Hummingbird is focused on search intent.

4) What Is Your Average ROI On A Google AdWords Campaign?

A)  Your campaign should render a positive result no matter what.  The average ROI of any good agency will be over 100%.

AdWords are very dangerous in the fact that you are paying per click as the campaign is run.  Make sure that your campaign is properly optimized, and that you’re not bidding on keywords that you shouldn’t be, such as keywords with your competitors names in them.  Also, the keywords should be as specific as possible - so nothing like “dentist”. Here’s why. Someone could search “Dentist + cityname + competitor name” and your ad will show up. That person will probably click your ad if it’s #1, which is just a waste of money because you aren’t going to convince them to leave your competitor through a Google ad. They are already interested in seeing your competitor. Plus, the CPC (cost per click) on those keywords is higher because it’s more broad. It is worth it to pay a good setup fee and and monthly management fee every time if the agency is doing an intricate job which should ensure at least 100% return on the full cost.  The industry standard is to charge a management fee of 30% of what you spend monthly on AdWords.  Why? Your Agency should be creating new ads and bidding on new keywords, which requires time and energy. But they should be able to tell you which ads are converting the highest and which keywords are bringing in the most revenue.

5) Can You Show Me 3 Clients Of Yours That Currently Make More Than They Spend On SEO?

A)  This should definitely be Yes.  Three is a small number and if they can’t and they’re a big agency it reeks of an aggressive sales company.

This is just common sense.  If you hire someone for a service and they can’t give a small amount of examples of them doing that service, whether it’s Dental SEO or another service get out of that sale now.  

6) How Do You Actually Track Results?

A) They should be using web and phone analytics. Specifically web analytics such as Google Analytics and dynamic call tracking such as Call Rail.

Here's an example of a call from a someone looking for the dental implant procedure.

If the company can’t track results then you can’t know exactly how well they are doing.  In fact, if the company is good they should want analytics as it would assist them in figuring out how to optimize the campaign.  At the end of the day, as great as rankings are, the end result should be more revenues. Analytics will reveal this. Rankings alone don’t show where the lead came from necessarily.  Tracking software does, specifically call tracking since most of your clients will come in from phone calls, so that’s why dynamic call tracking is so important. Wouldn’t it be nice to know which keywords generate the phone calls?  Dynamic Call tracking does this by using unique identifiers per phone number and per user, so it tracks exactly where they came from. So you can track calls from Adwords, Organic SEO, Local SEO, Yelp, and other directories.

Make sure that the analytics for the campaign are easy access and understand. Don’t let them just focus on rankings or send you reports that confuse you.

7) Why Isn’t Authorship Installed On My Site Yet?

A) Your agency is behind by 2 years at least and you should look for a better one to hire.

Here's an example of Google authorship for a Woodland Hills dentist.

Have you ever seen someone’s picture next to their website?  That’s Google Authorship.  Authorship is one of the fastest ways to tell if an SEO company knows what they are doing or not.  It’s pretty straightforward on how to get it done, and if your agency hasn’t done it they are sitting around.  Why? If you have a picture next to your website, it increases the number of people who actually click through to your site. So this is free traffic! Anyone who knows what they are doing will capture that free traffic. Get an agency that can help you achieve results more effectively as soon as possible and stop wasting money.

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By Pat Crawford. Besides running my local Kenosha dental clinic, I love playing gigs in restaurants on the weekends and hanging out with my wife.


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