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Are you trying 'just to survive'?  ...WOW is ever so much better!
In the day to day push, pull,, challenges, service to many people, it’s easy to feel an overwhelming feeling of “just trying to survive.”The day to day routines, the business drag, the difficult patient, unhappy staff members, worries over money - all are tough to survive.What if your practice went...  Read More
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The 'Wow Factor' In your practice
I gave a little talk on creating "Wow" in the dental practice to our dentists and staff at the American Dental Clinic in Abu Dhabi.It's on YouTube:  Read More
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Why Your Patients Aren’t Getting on the Schedule
This is an excerpt from our Ask Sabri column, where readers get to ask MGE’s Deputy COO, Sabri Blumberg, questions about marketing, practice management, staffing, and more.Reader: Nine times out of ten, patients seem excited to go ahead with treatment after talking to me. Then I send them to the...  Read More
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Handling Patient Stops: Why Patients Say No To Treatment And How You Can Get A Yes!
Handling Patient Stops: Why Patients Say No To Treatment And How You Can Get A Yes!First and foremost, what is a patient stop? A patient stop is simply all the reasons patients give you for saying no. Examples are costs, not understanding purposed treatment, what family members/friends have told...  Read More
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"Lean" Into the New Year
The Japanese wordkaizensimply means "change for better", with inherent meaning of either "continuous" or "philosophy" in Japanese dictionaries and in everyday use. The word refers to any improvement, one-time or continuous, large or small, in the same sense as the English word "improvement"....  Read More
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How to Properly Answer Your Phone: The True Reason Patients Aren't Scheduling!
How to Properly Answer Your Office Phone: The True Reason Patients Aren’t Scheduling!So, I do a workshop for dental office personnel called “Telephone Bootcamp.” This stemmed from my office protocol of training my new hires. Before anyone is allowed to answer the phone in my...  Read More
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This Conversation Changes Everything
 Today I want to talk to you about your existing patients that are seeing you on a regular basis and still have dentistry that needs to be done.I feel like it's easier for practices when they have a new patient come in with dental needs to be very intentional about having conversations with the...  Read More
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Find the Joy in Your Everyday Practice Life: The Critical Elements
THREE CRITICAL ELEMENTSCritical element: Loving your patients and your patients’ parentsAs your practice begins changing (because YOU are changing), you will find it easier and easier to love your patients. They will love you more. You will have created a love-fest.And, by the way, you can...  Read More
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Developing Leaders for the Dream Team
“It’s not enough for a leader to have vision, energy, drive, and conviction. If you want to see your dream come to fruition, you must learn how to develop the leaders around you.”John Maxwell.I am fortunate to have a great team of dental rock stars working side-by-side with me in...  Read More
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94. Money Mastery Tips for Dentists with Jordan Goodman
94. Money Mastery Tips for Dentists with Jordan GoIt’s great to getcashflowin your business, but what you do with thatcashflowis equally important. In this episode, I chattopersonal finance expert Jordan Goodman about how dentists can bemore savvyabout how they manage their money.Jordan...  Read More
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6 Reasons Why Dental Marketing on Social Media is Important for Your Practice
Nowadays if you own a business, you can’t afford to ignore social media, as it offers a chance to spread the word about your practice, and potentially earn new patients. Social media is the present and the future of marketing for all businesses. More on more consumers desire to follow brands on...  Read More
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At your practice: Another opportunity to strut your stuff
As a dentist, you are a special kind of person. Special because you went into dentistry to help others.  Special because you have love to give.  Now before you go and feel guilty because you hoped dentistry would make you a good living, let me say, “Congratulations." You  are also special because...  Read More
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It Has Been a Banner Year – M.A.R.S Bio-Med’s End of the Year Blog 2017
This has been an amazing year for M.A.R.S Bio-Med!!!! Please read the blog below to see what has made our 2017 year so amazing.   Read More
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Way too... (What Dentists Worry About.)
We dentists are way too worried about people getting mad at us - people including our patients, our colleagues, our friends and family.It’s our nature.  Most people who are attracted to dental school are approval-addicted, and spend way too much time trying to please others.Caring...  Read More
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Navy Dental Corps
| Shaun Keating CDT + Dr. Keith de Windt DDS |Practicing dentistry for over 32 years, Dr. Keith de Windt DDS gained experience serving in the U.S. Navy directly out of dental school. Leaving as a Lieutenant Commander, Dr. de Windt had extensive training and mentorship in dental surgery. Shortly...  Read More
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Working with Family with Dr. Gary Johnson
I had the pleasure of interviewing one my good dental school buddies, Dr. Gary Johnson. We talked about his story involving his first couple of years out of dental school working with his big sister. There is a lot of great information in our interview and I hope you enjoy the show! You can check...  Read More
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Practice Procedures Manual: Practice Forms
Before you open your dental practice (or purchase a dental practice), you must have detailed office procedures in place. There are a variety of practice and patient forms you need to include in your office procedures manual along with an explanation of how the forms should be used and handled upon...  Read More
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Team Learning Plans for Your Dental Software and More
This episode is incredibly powerful. Be sure to tune in to this episode as Dayna Johnson, founder of Novonee and publisher of the Dentrix Office Manager blog, share how teams can make learning an ongoing process. Dayna shares how to put a plan together and where to find resources. Think that CE is...  Read More
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The $10,000 a Day Dentist Book Is Here
Our first 5M Mastermind session was about to start and I had just completed the PowerPoint presentation to share with them how I understood it was possible for any dentist to produce over $10,000 every day.  When you lead a mastermind, you want to give your best, most impactful information, what...  Read More
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Destination Dentistry: Two Worlds Collide
| Shaun Keating CDT + Dr. Stella Bondar DMD |Dr. Stella Bondar DMD was a born native to the country of Moldova. Gaining her dental certification in Moldova, Dr. Bondar shares her experience practicing dentistry in a country struck with poverty. Pursuing her passion for dentistry, Dr. Bondar moved...  Read More
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The Risk Management Process
Risk management is a cycle. That means that it is not something that gets checked off a "to do" list but it is a continuous activity. Having a risk management process means that your practice knows and understands the risks. It also means that your practice has deliberately evaluated the risks and...  Read More
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Dental Practice Management In Your Pocket With Dr. Michael Dolby
Dental Practice Management In Your Pocket With Dr. Michael Dolby Listen to the full episode at   Read More
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There's A System For That!
There’s A System For That… In our ever changing and evolving digitized world, there is literally an App (application) for everything. I surmise that the same is true for dentistry. When I set up my first dental practice, I was determined to run it like a large scale out and out REAL business.  I...  Read More

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