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Real Marketing That Works with Jerry Jones
Real Marketing That Works with Jerry Jones This week on thepodcast I interviewed Jerry Jones. Jerryisof the nation’s top expert on professional practice marketing with over 20 years experience, Jerry spends most of his time developing marketing and advertising strategies for his...  Read More
Bonus Podcast!  How To Get Started On Finishing Your Dental Career And Not Live Like A Pauper
Dr. David Phelps, with Freedom Founders, and Jerry A Jones, discuss getting from Plan A to Plan B and how any dentist can get there. Check out the episode .   Read More
THE Jerry Jones Radio Show interviews Dynamo CPA, Doug Fettig, about the Keys to Financial Success in Dentistry
In this special , Jerry talks with Doug Fettig, CPA with Aldrich CPA (formerly AKT) about all of the keys to financial success in dentistry.   Doug has over two decades of experience as a CPA and a finance professional, providing him the unique ability to understand dentists’ needs and help them...  Read More
Reminder! Hurricane Relief Practice Income Explosion Webinar
My good friend, Dr. Tom Orent, the Gems Guy, and I are getting together on Tuesday, 9/12/17, 1pm Pacific/4pm Eastern and conducting a 1-time only special HURRICANE RELIEF PRACTICE INCOME EXPLOSION WEBINAR supportRed Cross Hurricane Relief Efforts! We have Members and close friends in...  Read More
Call Logs: Attracting New Patients
One-month old start-up practice owner, ClearPath Society® Member and proficient call tracking aficionado, Dr. Daniel Binkowski, has been with the ClearPath Society® since February 2017. Daniel was referred to us by Ideal Practices Founder, Mr. Jayme Amos. As adept as Dr. Binkowski is at...  Read More
Commemorative Issue of Life, Liberty and Happiness Newsletter
Looking for simple ways to keep your clients engaged and keep you on their minds? The answer is simple; Life, Liberty and Happiness Newsletter. This is a monthly publication sent to your clients to keep them entertained and thinking of you! August's LLH is sure to be a commemorative issue!...  Read More
Call Logs: New Practice Marketing
We first meet Lauren as a referral from Ideal Practices Founder, Mr. Jayme Amos. Dr. Roper has been a Member of ClearPath Society® since September of 2016. Dr. Roper used one of our most successful direct response mail campaigns to kick-start her brand-new, Colorado-based,...  Read More
Episode #15: What Every Dental Practice Must Do Before Year-End
Join Jerry Jones and Kevin Anderson on today's radio show as they discuss a number of year-end items to review and "check off" before we get too far into December. Episode #15: What Every Dental Practice Must Do Before Year-End ...  Read More
Episode #14: What To Do Before You Go “Public” To Offer New Clinical Procedures
On today’s radio show, Jerry Jones and Kevin Anderson will discuss the secret to leveraging existing patients when introducing new procedures or new technology. Plus, they’ll review questions and research you must do before committing to offering new procedures OR...  Read More
Episode #13: The top “offline” media for new patients
Episode #13: The top “offline” media for new patients Most dentists are so focused on online media to include SEO, google Adwords, and social media, that they have almost completely ignored...  Read More
Episode #12: Why you should focus more on recare
Episode #12: Why you should focus more on recare Most businesses rely on repeat visits from their customers to enhance the value of their business and increase profits. In today's episode, Jerry and Kevin dive...  Read More
Episode #11 Is Your Dental Marketing Making These Mistakes?
There is almost no limit to the mistakes a dental ad can have – everything from missing critical info like a phone number or website, to leaving out the address, misspellings, bad grammar and more. Today’s show will dive into some specifics beyond these typical ROI Killers to...  Read More
Episode #10: Maximize Patient Value with an End-of-Year Insurance Campaign
The purpose of today's radio show is to share how you can motivate your insured pts to get treatment done and capture pt insurance benefits before their year-end expiration. There are two primary motivations for your patients: A looming Deadline and Money – Vanishing resources...  Read More
Episode #9: The Fastest Way to Massive Dental Practice Growth
Today’s show is sponsored by , you can learn more about the upcoming JJD New Patient Extravaganza in Parsippany, NJ, October 22nd. Today’s show is sponsored by At, you can l ...  Read More
Two Ohio Dentist New Patient Case Studies
The week before Labor Day Weekend, we had a couple of marketing campaigns drop for two dentists in Ohio. Both were referrals from a well-known consultant (you’d recognize his name instantly – He’s one heckuva Gem!) We dropped nearly identical campaigns for each, save for a...  Read More
Episode #8: De-Constructing Effective Dental Advertising
Today’s show covers a number of elements required to create advertising that moves people to take action. Asking a postcard or a single sheet of paper or even a website to deliver a prospective long-term patient and their family to you is asking a lot. So, you must leverage every...  Read More
[VIDEO] How to Unlock 21% Growth In Any Dental Practice
Charlotte, NC-area dentist, Dr. Hiren Patel discusses Membership in Jerry Jones Direct's ClearPath Society. Dr. Patel's practice has increased 21% in just the first 8 months of 2016 - a 31+% annualized growth.   Read More
Episode #7: Growing/Scaling Your Business Fast + the Magic of Recurring Revenue
James and Jerry go way back...In fact, James worked for Jerry for a couple years and then bought his company, just like on TV! Episode #7: Growing/Scaling Your Business Fast + the Magic of Recurring Rev But,...  Read More
Podcast Episode #6 Demystifying the Buying and Selling of a Dental Practice
Catch THE Jerry Jones Radio Show, live, 11AM Pacific, every Tuesday, at Available on iTunes, Stitcher and at Episode #6 Demystifying the Buying and Selling of a Dental Practice ...  Read More

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