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Posted 5/17/2017 by Dr Mark Silberg in Dentistry News   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 26
ATP Testing for Dental Hygiene and Disease Diagnosis
Biologically, humans already possess hygiene and sensory indicators such as sight, smell, touch, hearing, and taste. these sensory indicators generate a response of fight or flight. However, the inherent sensory indicators have their own limitations and often fail to perceive certain indiscernible...Read More
Posted 5/3/2017 by DPSDentalcoach in Did You Get Your Hygiene Department Tune-Up?   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 18
It's More Than All About the Tooth. We are Saving Patient's Lives.
On April 21stJimmy Kimmel’s wife Molly gave birth to a boy and they named him “Billy.” He appeared healthy for the first few hours the nurse in the pediatric floor noticed that William, aka: "Billy," had a heart murmur and he was soon after her discovered taken to neonatal...Read More
Posted 1/13/2017 by torunnbirkeland in The Norwegian Dentist   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 106
25 Things to Know About Halitosis/ Bad Breath
I work as a dentist in Norway, with a special focus on halitosis (including standardized use of a halitosis-meter) and this is a list of some tips I try to share with my patients. Eating a meal of garlic and onions may give you the occasional bad breath. And everyone’s had morning breath at...Read More
Posted 11/7/2016 by jhaley in MOMgienists® Podcast   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 16
Hey, you! Who do you think you are?
“You're doing what? BE HONEST, do you feel that you are competent enough to understand a business, a budget or to lead? You must have a hidden agenda. You are not ready to do that. You can’t do that.” Hidden? No. Focused? Yes. Every hygienist should have a career plan. Whether...Read More
Posted 10/4/2016 by DPSDentalcoach in Did You Get Your Hygiene Department Tune-Up?   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 43
Many dental practice management consultants suggest cutting costs and want you to play the game of dentistry with caution. What I am talking about here today is a paradigm shift to embrace the theory of more = less. Yes, more money into your bank account with less work. This seems to be a road...Read More
Posted 9/30/2016 by RickPascoe in Sharpen Your Performance - True Edge Dental Insights   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 66
Bad Dental Habits To Chat With Patients About – Part 3
Addressing Bad Dental Habits This blog is a follow up to Parts 1 and 2, which are based on an article on that discusses bad dental habits to avoid. We’re moving into the cold and flu season. Many of us will be seeking relief of a sore throat and coughing. Do yourself and your patients...Read More
Posted 9/12/2016 by jmandle in A new Antimicrobial Barrier Option to Consider   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 53
The need for antimicrobial uniform apparel originated from an urgency to prevent hospital and clinical acquired infections. Disease prevention in dentistry should be equally important to patients and healthcare providers. Infectious microorganisms in dentistry can be transferred from the patient to...Read More
Posted 8/9/2016 by JustinMoodyDDS in Dentists, Implants and Worms   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 280
Episode 46: The World's Most Famous Hygienist
Wendy has been called the world’s most famous hygienist. She is a highly productive practicing hygienist, strategic advisor, international speaker, trainer, consultant and coach. She has directly coached more than 3,718 dental practices in 12 countries around the world. She has the longest...Read More
Posted 8/4/2016 by RickPascoe in Sharpen Your Performance - True Edge Dental Insights   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 70
To Floss or Not To Floss
Should You Floss? Much of the dental community is upset about the recent Associated Press report questioning the efficacy of flossing. Is the a disservice or a blessing in disguise? I choose to look at it as a blessing. What else could possibly bring flossing into the forefront of the social...Read More
Posted 7/20/2016 by dentalpartnerboston in Dental Partner Boston   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 77
Did you know that the two main causes of tooth loss are gum disease and tooth decay? In the United States, (commonly known as tooth decay) are the most common chronic disease among the population. Fortunately, this is preventable. However, if you don’t take proper care of your teeth, you may...Read More
Categories: dental hygiene
Posted 6/29/2016 by DPSDentalcoach in Did You Get Your Hygiene Department Tune-Up?   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 100
Come One! Come All! 3 Steps to Get More New Patients
Most of our clients atDental Practice Solutionstell us they want more new patients. One would wonder how adental hygiene consulting/coaching business would be able to help a dental practice acquire more new patients. Let me tell you how it can be done. 3 Tips to Get More New Patients Tip #1:...Read More
Posted 6/18/2016 by Andrew Johnston RDH in A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 89
Michelle and Andrew Do ADHA
In this episode we do a TON of shout outs.. Among them are our new friends Ashley, Michele, Missy, Rachel, implied shout out to Edie even though we didnt say her name. Also a shout out to our future sponsors of the show and current sponsor Andrew gets chastised for not bringing his "A game" yet...Read More
Posted 4/27/2016 by jmandle in A new Antimicrobial Barrier Option to Consider   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 122
Check out this new product -- Arm Buddies® Antimicrobial Arm Sleeves. These sleeves are a great solution when not wearing PPE gowns to cover and protect your bare arms. They have a proven antimicrobial silver technology by PurThread® that's already being used in hospitals. These seem to...Read More
Posted 4/23/2016 by torunnbirkeland in The Norwegian Dentist   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 89
Dental Care for Elderly – Particular Concerns and Points to Be Aware Of
In my dental practice I work primarily with adults and I serve a good number of older patients. Contrary to popular belief, losing our natural teeth is not inevitable as we get older. In fact, more and more seniors today are keeping their natural teeth for far longer than ever before. Still,...Read More
Posted 4/16/2016 by DPSDentalcoach in Did You Get Your Hygiene Department Tune-Up?   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 109
What Hygiene Department Benchmarks Will Make Your Practice More Profitable?
How effective is your hygiene department? How can you be your most profitable without working harder? Are you running on all cylinders? Join us Thursday April 21st at 5:30 PM Pacific as Debbie Seidel-Bittke, RDH, BS shares the "5 Hygiene Department Benchmarks and what you need to know to run on...Read More
Posted 3/15/2016 by MightyMolarMan in Mighty MolarMan & Friends   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 53
"The Mighty MolarMan Song" Sing Along!
Grab a fellow Molar Maniac, and sing along to the official "The Mighty MolarMan Song" sing along! Just follow the bouncing molar.... Can't get enough of this song? You can download it from iTunes! Wanna find out more about Mighty MolarMan? Download you Coloring...Read More
Posted 2/1/2016 by DPSDentalcoach in Did You Get Your Hygiene Department Tune-Up?   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 539
What  Do You Think Happened When I Told My Patients They Have Periodontal Disease?
Hygienists see patients daily who have perio. What do you say when a longtime, routine hygiene patient who now has perio disease? Are you nervous they may go to another office if you tell them things in their mouth are not status-quo today? Will they complain because their insurance doesn't...Read More
Posted 1/22/2016 by Brent Cornelius in Brent Cornelius Dentistry   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 363
How to Make Sure You Keep All Your Teeth as an Adult
Have you never lost a tooth? Good for you because many people have lost at least one tooth: 178 million American adults have lost at least one. What’s more, So if you want to be one of those who does keep all of her adult teeth (not including molar extractions as a young adult), read below...Read More
Posted 1/21/2016 by DPSDentalcoach in Did You Get Your Hygiene Department Tune-Up?   |  Comments: 2  |   Views: 73
Are You Concerned About Telling Your Patients They Have This______?
The above video is from a VLOG posted in November 2015 The above video is from a November 2015 VLOG. It'san epidemicinoffices that we talk to almost weekly. "Do You Fear Your Patients Will Go To Another Office If You Tell Them They Have Periodontal Disease?" Here is how you can begin to...Read More
Posted 1/20/2016 by torunnbirkeland in The Norwegian Dentist   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 298
Bad Breath Examination as a General Dentist Using a Halimeter
I’m a general dentist working in a 10-dentist clinic in Kristiansand in southern Norway. Since 2014, I have regularly used a Halimeter to detect and diagnose halitosis. I’d like to share with you how we use this in our clinic to help patients struggling with halitosis. The Halimeter...Read More
Posted 1/18/2016 by Kevin Tighe in Cambridge Dental Consultants   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 150
What can your hygienist do when you're out?
What can your hygienist do when you're out of the practice? Excellent resource:? Read More
Categories: dental hygiene
Posted 1/13/2016 by Brent Cornelius in Brent Cornelius Dentistry   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 141
Oral Hygiene Advice to Live By
When it comes to good oral hygiene, following the basics is really all you need to do. There’s no need to follow gimmicks or new fads. Practicing the essential oral hygiene habits truly are all you need to do to enjoy good oral health for your entire life. Below are what we believe to be...Read More
Posted 1/8/2016 by Brent Cornelius in Brent Cornelius Dentistry   |  Comments: 1  |   Views: 139
4 Tips to Help Your Child Enjoy Going to the Dentist
Many children dislike going to the dentist. As in, really dislike going to the dentist! They are worried about getting a shot and feeling pain. Having to sit in the dentist’s chair with their mouth open for several a minutes a time isn’t all that easy, either. What’s more, the...Read More
Posted 12/18/2015 by Brent Cornelius in Brent Cornelius Dentistry   |  Comments: 2  |   Views: 243
4 Dental Hygiene Resolutions for 2016
Yes, it’s that time of year, the time to make New Year’s resolutions. And, yes, we’re going to offer you some you should make regarding your dental health. Will you follow our suggestions? Quite possibly. Will you keep these resolutions if you make them? Quite probably not!...Read More
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