Posted 4/14/2017 by SmarterDA in SmarterDA - Dental Assisting Boards Prep Courses   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 7
Q: The receptor size usually required for a full-mouth series on a six-year-old patient is:
Q: The receptor size usually required for a full-mouth series on a six-year-old patient is: .Size 1 .Size 0 .Size 3 .Size 4 Keywords: six-year-old Size 0 is the smallest receptor and is used for children Size 1 is larger than size 0 and is...Read More
Posted 9/12/2016 by jmandle in A new Antimicrobial Barrier Option to Consider   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 55
The need for antimicrobial uniform apparel originated from an urgency to prevent hospital and clinical acquired infections. Disease prevention in dentistry should be equally important to patients and healthcare providers. Infectious microorganisms in dentistry can be transferred from the patient to...Read More
Posted 5/23/2016 by RhondaG in Taking check X-rays for implants   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 48
Hiring new employees
Hello I am in the process of interviewing for a new assistant. i would like to get input as to what questions I should ask at the interview to weed out the best assistant I can find. Any help appreciated, we are having a hard time finding the right canidate.Read More
Posted 4/15/2016 by Tariq Drabu in Health Guide   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 259
When one sets out to chose careers the choices are many. You can go into law if you like ligation and defense or you can go into the field of medicine. One of the first levels in dentistry as far as a career path goes in studying and training to complete Dental Assistant, which can involve training...Read More
Posted 4/11/2016 by Tariq Drabu in Health Guide   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 61
Smile reflects the good health of mouth. Healthy teeth are the centre of attraction when you smile or laugh in the public place. People with unhealthy teeth feel shy and anxiety to smile in front of people. In this situation you need to find the best dentist that will help you remove all the...Read More
Posted 4/5/2016 by Tariq Drabu in Health Guide   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 45
Teeth - are the those invaluable parts of the body that either enhance your confidence and glitter your smile if they are in healthy condition or may produce a dent in them and you’re personality. In modern time everybody wants to flaunt his broad smile with his shining and...Read More
Posted 3/15/2016 by MightyMolarMan in Mighty MolarMan & Friends   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 55
"The Mighty MolarMan Song" Sing Along!
Grab a fellow Molar Maniac, and sing along to the official "The Mighty MolarMan Song" sing along! Just follow the bouncing molar.... Can't get enough of this song? You can download it from iTunes! Wanna find out more about Mighty MolarMan? Download you Coloring...Read More
Posted 3/8/2016 by MightyMolarMan in Mighty MolarMan & Friends   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 24
Meet The Decidous Dudes®
This trio of energetic and fun baby teeth are a delight for all who meet them. When not in school, they can be seen bouncing around Molar Towne®, exploring and seeking adventure. Some of their favorite places are the Molar Malt Shop and MoTowne Zoo. Their favorite animals at the zoo are the...Read More
Posted 9/28/2015 by Charles Crawford in Dental Care   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 137
When it comes to getting , there is nothing quite as important as finding staff you can trust. This list is for dental assistants, as they serve a vital function in every modern dental practice. They interact directly with patients, assist with impressions and X-rays, and are on hand for anything...Read More

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