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How to Help Prevent Oral Cancer | Puyallup Oral Surgeons
February is National Cancer Prevention Month. During this month, our team at Oral & Facial Surgery Center of Puyallup is committed to help raising awareness about oral cancer. According to the, there are more than 48,000 new cases of oral cancers each year, with more men diagnosed than women....Read More
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What is Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate? | Seattle Oral Surgeons
As a parent, having a child born withcan be an understandably difficult or scary experience. It’s important to remember that cleft is a highly treatable deformity. A child born with a cleft in the United States can expect the best outcome possible with the technological and medical resources...Read More
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Healthy Holiday Teeth Tips | Puyallup Oral Surgeons
The holiday season is upon us! Between spending time with loved ones, making shopping trips to the mall for gifts, and decking the halls with cheer, many of us may not have time to pay much attention to the health and care of our teeth. Also, who can resist the seasonal sweets and festive treats...Read More
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Tooth Extraction for Tooth Abscess | Puyallup Oral Surgeon
There are few things in life quite as irritating as a toothache. While the pain can vary from person-to-person, a toothache can be debilitating and prevent you from doing everyday tasks. While a toothache may start out innocent enough, it can reveal itself to be a more serious, underlying dental...Read More
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Fact or Fiction: Wisdom Teeth and Wisdom Tooth Extractions | Puyallup Oral Surgeons
Millions of people have their wisdom teeth removed each year. While the Internet can be a great source for medical information, there's a lot of misconceptions floating around the World Wide Web regarding. We strive to serve as the premier resource for oral and maxillofacial surgery information in...Read More
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What is Bone Grafting and Is It Necessary? | Puyallup Oral Surgeons
We completely understand. The term “bone graft” may sounds a bit scary to some, especially you’re not as familiar with oral surgery as we are. The truth is, bone grafting is a relatively simple, painless, and common procedure. Our patients at the Oral & Facial Surgery Center...Read More
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Son of Dentist Knew How to Toot Own Horn
Let’s play a game. The subject of today’s post is world-famous, but not much is known about his childhood and upbringing. We’ll share some clues, and your job is to figure out the celebrity we’re writing about before the end of the article. If you guess correctly, call...Read More
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How to Self-Examination for Oral Cancer | Puyallup Oral Surgeons
. These startling statistics are due to the the fact that many cases of oral cancer aren't diagnosed until they've developed into advanced stages that are difficult to treat. In its early stages, oral cancer is usually painless and therefore can easily go unnoticed. for oral cancer is tobacco...Read More
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Do's & Don'ts of Post-Operative Oral Surgery Care | Puyallup Oral Surgeons
With any type of surgery, proper post-operative care is crucial to recovery. Knowing how to care of yourself properly hours, days, and weeks after your surgical procedure can significantly reduce the time that you're out of commission, along with ensuring that you experience the least amount of...Read More
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What to do Following a Dental Emergency | Puyallup Oral Surgeons Explain
One moment you're enjoying a fun day at the pool. The next moment...BAM! You suddenly slip on the wet surface and accidentally knock out of one of your own teeth. Dental or maxillofacial emergencies can happen to any of us when we least expect it. In some cases, you must immediately seek medical...Read More
Posted 6/21/2016 by DrGuillermoChacon in Teeth Tips   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 58
Broken Tooth? Puyallup Oral Surgeons Explains Dental Implants
Summer is the season for enjoying outdoor sports and recreational activities. When it comes sports, the expected bumps and bruises may turn more serious if you end up injuring your teeth. So what happens after you knock out a tooth or multiple while participating in your favorite summer...Read More
Posted 5/20/2016 by JustinMoodyDDS in Dentists, Implants and Worms   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 66
Episode 25: Practice in a Pod
It's the 25th episode of Dentists, Implants and Worms! How time has flown by... Remember in our first few episodes we included a shout-out to a fellow dentist who sent us three lovely mugs with our logo and characters on it? Well, that was Dr. ShawnVandeVyver from Great Lakes Dentistry in...Read More
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The Warning Signs of TMJ
Have you ever had that nightmare where you open your mouth to scream for help and but you can’t seem to make any sound and now your mouth is stuck wide open? This nightmare is a reality to some. Maybe you do wake with a sore aching jaw that clicks when you yawn? Or maybe grind your teeth? Red...Read More
Posted 1/7/2016 by Tariq Drabu in Health Guide   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 151
No one likes to go under the knife, but almost every American does at least once in his or her lifetime. In oral surgery, it’s often for the purpose of getting wisdom teeth removed. Any kind of oral surgery means that normal activities such as talking, eating, and drinking become...Read More
Posted 11/24/2014 by azaleadental in Dentistry and Oral Health   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 78
How to find Oral Surgeon in your area
An oral surgeon is highly trained to treat a variety of diseases, defects and injuries of the mouth, jaw, neck, head and face. An oral surgeon is in a specialty of dentistry. They complete formal and extensive training to perform oral surgery. Oral surgeon are located all over the world. In the...Read More
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