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What is, and why you need an SSL
 Why do I need an SSL?Do I need an SSL? Short answer "yes". Long answer "Hell Yes".SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. Without getting overly complicated (by the way, entire books have been written on the subject) an SSL is a security layer for your Domain or Sub-Domain. What is a domain you ask?...  Read More
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Your Website Probably Sucks
Your website probably sucks! most dentists don't spend enough time on creating a great website. Dentists usually hire the lowest quality provider to build a website because they are told that it is important to have a website but they don't understand how a well designed and optimized website can...  Read More
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Contracts and outsourcing web design to foreign companies
Q: Should I outsource my graphic/web design needs to a foreign freelancer or company?A: If you are on the American soil, you want to hire someone who is subject to US law, so you can have legal recourse in case things go wrong. American vendors are fully accountable to US law while foreign vendors...  Read More
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Getting started with a professional website
As a small business owner, you should have a professionally designed custom website. Despite what many doctors think, it does matter how your website looks. People nowadays expect to see good-looking and well-functioning websites as a standard, so you should have one too, if you want to stand out...  Read More
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Do I Need a High-End Website, What Do My Patients Say, and How Much Does It Cost?
If dentists think high-end, they will eventually start getting more upscale patients. But to become high-end you have to be an entrepreneur, which means you have to reinvent yourself and go beyond what's standard in your industry. Since this blog is about web design, let’s see how having a...  Read More
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Website Templates: To Use or Not To Use
Here is . It's written for graphic designers, but it's well-suited to be read by dentists as well, because it brings up points you should consider if you are contemplating on building or redesigning a website for your practice.  Read More
New Product Review: Improve Office Communications with Cloud Based Dental Software.
Cloudbased dental softwareis allthe rage these days due to its efficiency, safety and low cost. Aiming to helpimprove communication within the busy practice,combines multiple business managementtools into one. This company looks to address some of the office needs such asWeb hosting, ecommerce,...  Read More
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How Professional Web Design Will Give You an Advantage over Other Dental Practices
Let's be honest, sometimes it’s not easy being a dentist. No matter how skilled a professional you are, you’re going to have to compete with other local dentists for the same pool of potential customers. That means you’ll have to put a good chunk of your hard-won earnings toward...  Read More
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Don't chain your online presence to any particular vendor
If you buy a website plan from a company that makes templated websites and hosts them on their proprietary platform, you are tying yourself to that particular company and make yourself dependent on their terms. Rather, you should get a custom website that is created around the needs of your...  Read More
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Get Your Dentistry to the Front Page of Online Search Results: 5 Ways to Boost Your Google Ranking
You’re not the only , you have to do everything you can to stand out. One way to stand out is to get your website to show up above your competitors in online search results. Here are 5 ways you can boost your Google ranking and come out on top in search results.1. High-Quality ContentThe ,...  Read More
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Why Responsive Web Design is the Best Way to Move Forward
People no longer just use their personal computers and laptops to search for products and services online. As smartphones and tablets abound and provide us with multiple features in a single gadget, people now gravitate towards using these handy devices to communicate with friends, send emails,...  Read More
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The difference is in the design
When it comes to marketing your practice online, the quality of your website design is absolutely crucial. Like it nor not, we all make snap decisions that are formed in the first few seconds of viewing a website. If a website looks outdated and poorly laid out, our instinctive response is often to...  Read More
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Websites and Dentists: Header Navigation
Most dentists stick with a simple, stationary header at the top of the page. At best what they will do is have an active color to let you know what page you are actually currently on. I challenge this as being the best method,Using Calls to Action in NavigationI had a doctor who had on online...  Read More
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Making a Good About Us Page
The About us page is typically the weakest page on a dentist's website. They often have dentists who have spent thousands on a website just to still have a weak about us page. An About Us page on a dental website is really trying to provide 4 different types of information. Mission Statement...  Read More
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Example Copy:  Individual Procedure Page (Routine Teeth Cleaning)
Here is some Example Copy for a procedures page. It should also include a link to related web page. . I would suggest adding a before and after gallery page (or attach it) a procedure walk through page, and a price promotion page for this procedure.Routine Teeth CleaningA hygienist or dental...  Read More
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What is the goal of a services page?
Link to an overly large image of what I am describing in the post:When we begin to consider navigation in our headers, there tends to be a small list of things that are important for a dentist's website. They tend to be the Home Page, the About Us Page, the , and the Contact Page. While each page...  Read More
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Why are patients actually going to your website?
Dentists tend to think all kinds of things about their websites- one of the biggest being that people come to their website and read every single page. This just is not true at all. People come to a dentist's website with a goal- and you should be assisting them in reaching that goal.What are the...  Read More

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