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Posted 2/21/2017 by PravSolankident in World Dental.   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 12
3 simple and effective ways to give your patient an unforgettable dental treat
Let’s face it, patients don’t look forward in anticipation to visiting a dentist. It is usually a very uncomfortable moment for them and that makes anxious when they step into your office. Apart from the price, many other factors such as the smell of surgery, fear of...Read More
Posted 11/15/2016 by jessegreen in Dr Jesse Green   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 60
How To Get Rid Of Cancellations Once And For All
Frustrating aren’t they? Patient cancellations, I mean. You have a full day booked, but then out of the blue people cancel. Or worse. They fail to turn up for appointments. So your full day becomes full of holes. And if you’re not careful, you’ll never see those...Read More
Posted 8/18/2016 by IversonDental in Digital Dentistry Laboratories   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 41
How Technology Improves Patient Communication
Technology can be used to improve communication with patients, sometimes in simple ways. This could mean adding phone lines to be able to accommodate more calls at once or creating a well-designed and up-to-date website that can convey important information to both potential and...Read More
Posted 5/23/2016 by IversonDental in Digital Dentistry Laboratories   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 445
The Importance of Effective Communication Between the Dentist and Dental Lab
“Communication is the key to success in cosmetic dentistry/laboratory relations”5. To accurately fabricate dental restorations, effective communication needs to exist between the dental lab and the dentist to ultimately provide dental patients with the best dental care. The...Read More
How Your Body Language is Alienating Your Team and Repelling Your Clients
Maybe it's actually NOT what you are saying. Your non-verbal communication is speaking louder than the words coming out of your mouth. Over 2/3rds of your communication is non-verbal, over half is specific body language. Think you might need to know what you are really saying to those you work with...Read More
Creating a Culture of Success: The Culture Equation- Audio
Building a culture in your office On a recent Dentistry Uncensored podcast with Dr. Farran, Dino Watt, The Relationship Expert discussed how to build a deliberate culture that you want in an office instead of a...Read More
The 3 Most Important Relationships That Will Transform Your Practice: Audio
The 3 Most Important Relationships that will Trans If a dentists entire business is built on relationships, why don't we focus more on how to build them stronger? In this training, requested by Dr. Farran, practice...Read More
Understanding How Your Body Language is Effecting Your Practice- Audio
Understanding your Body Language Maybe it's actually NOT what you are saying. Your non-verbal communication is speaking louder than the words coming out of your mouth. Over 2/3rds of your communication is non-verbal,...Read More
Posted 12/5/2015 by Michael Melkers in On the Cusp-with Dr. Michael Melkers   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 75
Commitment, Improvement…& Cutting Yourself a Break
It really shouldn’t come as any surprise- but it still catches me off guard at courses. I see the reaction from attendees but I also catch myself having the same reaction even after 20 years of clinical practice and over 12 years of teaching. We attend courses to be inspired, increase our...Read More
Posted 8/18/2015 by KimBleiweiss in Lean Dental Practice & Inventory Management   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 139
Leadership in the Dental Office: Understanding Personality Types
Leadership in the Dental Practice Understanding Personality Types August, 2015 “The makeup is simply an extension of the personality and colors, clothing, makeup all express something.” Gene Simmons “I told my psychiatrist that everyone hates me. He said I was being...Read More
Posted 8/4/2015 by Reza Izadi DDS in Denteractive   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 61
Creating Harmony in Dental Care
The age of digital dentistry is here andis a platform to improve communication and collaboration between dentists and patients. Until recently, educating the public regarding oral health, or available dental care options, had been challenging: the subject was minimally taught in schools, there...Read More
Posted 7/1/2015 by KimBleiweiss in Lean Dental Practice & Inventory Management   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 109
Leadership in the Dental Practice: Retaining Valuable Employees
As long as the world is turning and spinning, we're gonna be dizzy and we're gonna make mistakes. Mel Brooks I’m not sure I agree with you a hundred percent on your police work there, Lou. Marge Gunderson, Fargo (1996) In this series of blogs, we’re discussing Leadership. In June,...Read More
Posted 6/2/2015 by KimBleiweiss in Lean Dental Practice & Inventory Management   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 80
Leadership in the Dental Practice - Recognizing & Meeting Needs
Leadership in the Dental Practice Recognizing and Meeting Needs June, 2015 "And I-I said, I don't care if they lay me off, either. Because I told, I told Bill that if they move my desk one more time, then, then I'm, I'm quitting. I'm going to quit. And, and I told Don too, because they've...Read More
Posted 5/12/2015 by Dpamdjk in TIPS for ENTREPRENEURS!   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 70
Entrepreneur's TIP #9:  How To Say What Must Be Said
Have you ever been ina situation where someone else has made the decision for you as to what you should or should not be doing? It usually does not sit well with us. It's not that they are requesting us to do something illegal or unethical. It's more that, in their opinion, what they request or...Read More
Posted 3/26/2015 by wmjankowski in CEODentist - Elevate Yourself!   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 151
Dental Practice Management: Communication, Influence, Leadership
"Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it" --Dwight Eisenhower According to Webster’s Dictionary, communication is "A process by which information is exchanged between individuals through a common system of symbols, signs, or...Read More
Posted 3/9/2015 by Karoline Biami in Dental Hygiene Boost   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 243
Stop Passing the Buck, Start Passing the Baton
This article originally appeared on At the heart of any good business is great communication. Never is that statement truer than in the dental practice, and it is especially true for front office team members and the hygiene department. Effective communication between these two essential parts...Read More
Posted 10/15/2014 by dunnmktg in The Dunn Show   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 1119
[DIAGRAM] Core Elements of Effective Communication
Effective communication can sometimes be challenging. As a marketeer, I spend a lot of time and brain energy focused on how best to convey sometimes complex topics or teach intricate concepts. I have found it helpful to think of communication itself as the arrangement of three core elements:...Read More
Posted 9/1/2014 by Greg Auerbach, MBA in Practice Transitions Made Perfect   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 311
Staff in Transition: Early Communication
Don’t wait: Early communication is key The new dentist has the responsibility to enter into the practice with a planned strategy to address the uncertainties and anxieties the team will have. This is not a time for a “wait and see” approach. The new dentist must plan, prior to...Read More
Posted 7/11/2014 by Jen Butler in stressLESS   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 16037
What Every Dentist Can Learn From Band Geeks
I was taking a few moments to get connected with my Facebook friends- that’s a nice way of saying I was procrastinating from doing something I’m not looking forward to doing- and came across a post about marching bands and Rolling Stone magazine. Peeked my interest so I followed the...Read More
Posted 6/26/2014 by Jen Butler in stressLESS   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 18411
Staff issues are one of the top 5 stressors for dental professionals. Often what compounds the stressful experience is putting all of your team members in one room for two hours (or more) where they have the opportunity to share their ideas, tell you what they think, or worse, what they feel. As a...Read More
Posted 6/26/2014 by Jen Butler in stressLESS   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 19565
It doesn’t matter if patients react from flight or fight mode. Both types can be easy to work with and does not need to make for a stressful day at the office. These steps will help you connect, defuse, and gain case acceptance. Empathy- “Mr. X, you seem uneasy/unnerved. In my...Read More
Posted 10/27/2013 by NY2AZ in Dentaltown Top 10   |  Comments: 2  |   Views: 6874
Your Dentaltown Fans Are Following You
We recently improved our member profile section within the message boards. One of the improvements that has generated a bit of attention lately, is the ability to see which members are following you. First, the ability to "follow" a member has been present for a long time but it was known as...Read More
Posted 10/17/2013 by Dr David Moffet in Dr David Moffet's Ultimate Patient Experience Blog   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 6447
People Are Strange Creatures...
People are strange creatures. Today’s blog, as usual, being the second blog for the week, is on the business of dentistry. And today I have a lesson. On people. People are strange creatures. This week, as those of you who are my Facebook friends will know, I have been...Read More
Posted 8/14/2013 by TheWisdomTruth in The Wisdom Truth   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 6166
How to Use the “Better-Than-Risk-Free Guarantee”
If you offer a guarantee that is so extraordinary and so profound that no one in your whole marketplace would dare compete with it, you will get a LOT of new dental patients that you otherwise never would have had, whether you specialize in children’s dental care, dentures,...Read More
Posted 8/1/2013 by kevinweir in Patient Retention-Your Key to a Profitable Dental Practice   |  Comments: 3  |   Views: 71177
I was working with a client recently who was describing all the strategies he was going to use to attract new patients to his clinic. They were glitzy, flashy, and actually quite expensive. Once he was finished I asked him “So tell me how much you are going to invest to keep the patients you...Read More
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