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LastUpdated 1 day ago by digitalmarketer   |   Views: 15298
Helping Dentists Attract More High Value Patients
Understanding how to attract high value patients from the Internet can be overwhelming. We've got your back! Lets chat on the phone to discuss your possibilities.
LastUpdated 1 day ago by howard   |   Views: 336717
Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
How to perform dentistry faster, easier, higher in quality and lower in cost.
LastUpdated 2 days ago by DrMarkCostes   |   Views: 78559
Dental Success Blog
Dr. Mark Costes is a full time practicing dentist who was able to build six successful dental practices in his first seven years in the profession. He is the founder of the Dental Success Institute as well as the Horizon Schools of Dental Assisting.
LastUpdated 2/16/2017 by jessegreen   |   Views: 2512
Dr Jesse Green
Strategies to help ambitious dentists accelerate the growth of their practice so they have more patients, more profits, and less stress.
LastUpdated 3 days ago by drdavidphelps   |   Views: 10582
The Dentist Freedom Blueprint
Transform your practice into a cash machine while investing in capital assets outside the practice to increase your net worth, create passive cash flow and give you the freedom you've earned.
LastUpdated 3 days ago by Dr Anissa Holmes   |   Views: 5868
Delivering WOW...Creating Massive Results for Dentists
This Blog helps dentists to get MASSIVE results through developing a unique culture and detailed systems. You will learn to create a profitable, fun practice, where the dentist inspires the team to WOW the patients to create "Raving Fans".
LastUpdated 3 days ago by KCDental   |   Views: 1355
Dental Implant Practices
Dental Implant Practices- How to integrate dental implants into your practice and into bone. Breaking through the barriers in implant dentistry for the general dentist.
LastUpdated 1 day ago by JustinMoodyDDS   |   Views: 3700
Dentists, Implants and Worms
Join Dr. Justin Moody, Dr. John Landers, Jeffrey Smith and Gabe Olson every Tuesday and Friday as they help dentists of all ages navigate the world of dentistry— one vodka soda at a time!
LastUpdated 5 days ago by JVanHorn   |   Views: 7507
Dental Key Performance Indicator Tracking Made Simple.
LastUpdated 5 days ago by Matthewmwhitson   |   Views: 149
The Life and Dentistry Podcast
The dental podcast where real people, real stories, and real life come together!!!
LastUpdated 3/17/2017 by OpenADentalOffice   |   Views: 671642
How To Open A Dental Office
The #1 Resource for Practical Tips on Opening Your New Dental Office. Start-up Practices and Renovation Projects can be Smooth, Easy and Fun with the Right Knowledge. Discover The Best Tools and Connect with Others Who have Successful Knowledge.
LastUpdated 3/16/2017 by kelston   |   Views: 435
BulletProof Dental Practice podcast
A weekly podcast by Dr. Peter Boulden, designed to help you grow your practice through two pillars of success; Systems and Marketing
LastUpdated 3/13/2017 by dentaldebt   |   Views: 67
The Disillusioned Dentist
Hello and welcome to The Disillusioned Dentist: a millennial podcast where we aim to demystify the fallacy of the dream job of dentistry and show the new dentists the path out of debt and into practice ownership.
LastUpdated 3/10/2017 by The Dental Marketer   |   Views: 1235
The Dental Marketer
Helping Dentist Everywhere
LastUpdated 2/15/2017 by Penny Reed   |   Views: 195
Growing Your Dental Business
Ready to sharpen your focus as a dental business owner and accelerate your results? The Growing Your Dental Business Show is designed to give dentists the tools they need to create optimal results and profitability in their practices.
LastUpdated 2/10/2017 by ChrisGriffinDDS   |   Views: 800
Dr. Chris Griffin Show
This blog contains the Podcasts and Articles from the Dr. Chris Griffin Show which Offers Simple Practice Breakthroughs for Complex Issues so Dentists Can Free Up More Time to Passionately Pursue the Life of their Choosing.
LastUpdated 2/10/2017 by dentalattorney   |   Views: 10033
The Overlooked Basics
A summary of what every dental practice owner should know and implement in the day to day operations of their practice.
LastUpdated 11/8/2016 by jerryjones   |   Views: 2835
Jerry Jones Direct - The Business of Dentistry, Marketing & More!
The inside truth about the Dental business, marketing and success
LastUpdated 3 days ago by jbenedictdpt   |   Views: 2977
Healthy Solutions for Dental Professionals
The purpose of this blog is to provide quality information about muscloskeletal disorders and solutions to pain suffered by dental professionals from a doctor of physical therapy who has spent most of her life in and around dentistry.
LastUpdated 9/13/2016 by AxexGabe   |   Views: 213
Rebel Dentist Podcast
A discussion of like minded dental professionals who don't believe in following the norm. Hosted by Kimberly Riggs Ruiz DDS, 10+ years solo dental practice, Amy Poland, business admin extraordinaire, Gabe Ruiz, nerd DPMS designer & doctor's "wife".
LastUpdated 7/22/2016 by DrDaMa   |   Views: 239145
The Relentless Dentist Show w/ Drs. David & Karah Maloley
Our mission is to launch dentists beyond their excuses and into an epic life. Our podcast is about practice and lifestyle-design. It delivers free, actionable and inspirational content ... from the top minds in dentistry and beyond!
LastUpdated 7/12/2016 by TheDentalDesigner   |   Views: 491
Dental Microscope.
Labomed Dental Microscope at Pinhole with Dr. Chao! Great Scope, with a lifetime warranty tremendous support at a fraction of the competitions price! call 310-749-9229 for more information.
LastUpdated 2/13/2017 by Irresistible Smiles   |   Views: 379
Read amazing information about dental care, surgeries & treatment.
LastUpdated 1/26/2017 by DentalRealist   |   Views: 1008
Dental Realist Podcast
The Dental Realist podcast is unlike any other dental podcast. As three practicing dentists we have learned things that we wish we'd known before dental school graduation. We are here to give future, new, & veteran dentists the honest info you need.
LastUpdated 6/18/2016 by Andrew Johnston RDH   |   Views: 80
A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast
A Podcast for Dental Hygienists
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