How to prevent tooth decay in your children?

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Tooth decay is caused by bacteria that eat away the outer layer of the tooth. If your teeth are not taken care of in a proper way, the enamel wears out even when you are at a very tender age. Habits that we take, and get used to, contribute much to the health of our teeth. Below are some of the habits that you ought to practice on your children in order to prevent them from suffering from tooth decay.

How to prevent tooth decay in your children?
Ensure your child brushes and flosses daily; the first step towards avoiding any type of mouth disorder and maintaining oral hygiene is by keeping the mouth clean. You should clean your child’s gums every day by use of a soft pad to remove any plaque before the first teeth come in. Once the child’s teeth start growing, clean them using a soft toothbrush. Flossing should start as soon as your child’s teeth start touching each other.

Your teeth and gums should also be well taken care of; saliva contains bacteria that contribute to tooth decay and if you don’t take good care of your teeth, you are more likely to transfer these bacteria to your child. You should avoid sharing of spoons and other utensils with your kid. This will avoid transfer of bacteria. Also cleaning your baby’s pacifier using your mouth.

Give your baby healthy foods; once the baby has started eating, ensure that you are giving him/her healthy and nutritious foods combining them in a way that would reduce any risk of tooth decay. For instance, give your kids meals that contain whole grains, vegetable, and fruits. Cheese, milk and also yogurt are very food for teeth. These foods help in clearing harmful sugars in the mouth and also prevent the formation of plaque. It is therefore important to brush or rinse your child’s mouth after eating foods high in sugar.

Encourage your baby to take less tasty or plain water; when your child is almost getting to 12 months, you should give him/her beverages from bottles and cups. If there are problems with weaning your child, it is advisable to dilute the high sugar liquids to make them less tasty. You should also encourage the baby to take plain water, especially at night.

In addition to putting the above points into practice, visiting an emergency dental clinic in Adelaide in case of alarming teeth issues will fully protect your child from getting tooth decay. Taking fluoride found in water is safe for both children and adults but should your baby need extra fluoride, your dentist can recommend available supplements. This fluoride should be used only as advised a too much of it can cause toxic that would stain the child’s teeth.

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