Oral B & Sonicare: Everything You Need To Know.

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Oral b vs Sonicare is a conundrum that is yet to be unraveled simply because these two manufacturers are the undisputed kings in the electric toothbrush industry. These two companies have been in the market for the last 30 year and are always at the cutting edge of breakthrough technology and innovation that is gradually revolutionizing oral dental care in the USA and UK.

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These two electric toothbrush manufacturers can be credited to the increase in the use of electric toothbrushes in many households.  A few decades ago not many people were using electric toothbrushes but due to technical breakthroughs by Sonicare and Oral B, approximately 40% of Americans now use an electric toothbrush. It is expected that demand for electric toothbrushes will continue to rise over time as more people turn to premium dental care which is deemed to enhance a person’s overall oral hygiene.

Why Use Oral B Vs Sonicare

Research indicates that electric toothbrushes are way more efficient in cleaning your teeth than manual ones. This is because of their motorized settings that make numerous brush movements within a short time. Take for instance Sonicare’s flagship top of the range toothbrush DiamondClean that makes 62000 brush movements in a minute.

Such multiple movements agitate any hidden food residue in your teeth to leave them sparkling clean. Electric toothbrushes also help to whiten teeth a few shades whiter. They also come preconfigured with timers that teach you good oral cleaning habits like cleaning your teeth for at least two minutes.

Both Oral B and Sonicare have set timers and buzzers that signal you when you have cleaned for the required two minutes and also when you fining cleaning every quadrant/section of your mouth.

Oral B Vs Sonicare: Which is Better?

Though Oral B and Sonicare use different techniques to clean your teeth, they both provide impeccable results. This is attested by their many respective happy customers. As to what toothbrush maker is more superior than the other is not easy to call. This is because both Sonicare and Oral B are scientifically proven to be effective in removing plaque and reversing the onset of gum disease. In case you are deciding on which toothbrush to pick, you will have to rely on your personal preferences.

Key Points About Oral B VS Sonicare

Sonicare brushes are relatively slightly expensive compared to Oral B toothbrushes. They also tend to have an oblong shape. However Sonicare power brushes have a sleeker look and feel and have an adaptive brush head that can flex and access hard to reach sections of your teeth. The adaptive brush head is set to improve oral hygiene in a great measure. This is because in many cases over 90% of all dental and periodontal diseases like gum recession and tooth decay are usually caused by in ability of most brush head to reach hidden areas of your teeth structure. It is in these zones that plaque builds up and turns into tartar which in turn weakens your gums and tooth decay. High-end brushes by Sonicare like the New DiamondClean Smart series 9300 also couch you on how to clean your teeth better. They also track and analyse your oral hygiene data and show you where you need to improve.

Oral B, on the other hand, has relatively cheaper brush heads but they are just as effective as Sonicare. Oral B brushes rotate, pulsate and oscillate round each and every tooth to give it a thorough clean. The top end Oral B brush is the Oral B Genius 8000 that uses facial recognition features to couch you to brush better. All in all Oral B Vs Sonicare is a contest that is hard to call because these two giant manufacturers both have quality.

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