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Advantages of Crowns
Advantages of Crowns
4/20/2017 5:37:02 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 27
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Advantages of Crowns

Crown is a dental cap which is designed to cover the entire tooth starting from the chewing surface to the gum line. The crown can be used for both cosmetic and medical reasons. Many patients are aware of dental crowns but they do not know how they can help their teeth to function well and look better with them. Before getting crowns, it is better for the patients to understand the benefits and other treatment options that are available to them. As always, dental crown price will depend on the work that needs to get done, location, and dentist’s experience.

Dental benefits of crowns

  • Relieving of uncomfortable symptoms:  a dental crown is recommended when there is a need for a complete restorative treatment or to repair the damage on the structure and enamel of the tooth. When a tooth suffers from root infection or extensive decay, the doctor may suggest a crown to reduce soreness, ache caused by breakage, chip or fracture on the tooth.  A crown prevents further problems and it prevents sensitivity.

  • It is a simple procedure: you may think that getting a dental crown can be intensive or complicated. However, the procedure to install a dental crown is straightforward and less invasive. When the enamel has been cleaned and it is found healthy, then the crown will be shaped to fit it.  

Aesthetic benefits of crowns

  • They are customized to fit the smile of the owner:  a dental crown is designed according to the color, fit, size and shape of your tooth. You will be happy to get individualized treatment that may suit you better according to your budget, preferences and needs.

  • Enhancing how your teeth look: besides being used for restorative reasons, there are additional benefits that a user may get from a crown. Because it fits on the tooth, it may correct staining, discoloration, fractures, cracks, chips and crookedness. This is why some patients may decide to use crowns for aesthetic reasons alone.

  • They can last for a long period:  crowns are made using the right materials and when they are cared for properly, like flossing and brushing, they may last up to 30 years. You will be able to enjoy your dental crowns for many decades.

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