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Sterngold Dental LLC Gives a Young Child Sisay a Reason to Smile Again

Sterngold Dental LLC Gives a Young Child Sisay a Reason to Smile Again

10/29/2014 2:51:35 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 91
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On a very unfortunate day, Sisay, a 6year old child from Africa, was attacked and mauled by a wild hyena while he was playing in his backyard. This attack left Sisay completely deformed and clinging for his life. The hyena had viciously attacked the young boys face, which forced him to lose his nose, upper jaw and part of his upper lip. The young kid lost all hope of living a normal life. But then a miracle happened when Sterngold’s curative dentistry and professionals restored his deformed face and gave him the chance to live normally again. Over the last four years, he has endured over 16 facial surgeries with patience and resilience.

Efforts of Sterngold Dental LLC

Sterngold Dental LLC’s cutting edge technology and curative dentistry helped restore Sisay’s facial deformities. With their cutting edge technology the Sterngold professionals worked on Sisay’s dental abutments and provided him with a prosthesis that seems to function just perfectly and has gave him a wonderful and an everlasting reason to smile.

Sterngold Dental's SFI Abutments were used to help restore Sisay's face. SFI was installed, but they were not traditionally placed in the mouth. Instead, they were used rather as part of a superstructure cast to support his prosthetic nose. SFI Bars were used as the tripod structure, then magnets were installed to connect Sisay’s prosthetic nose to the base.

Sterngold’s Aim of Fulfilling Sisay’s Dream

Sterngold has started a campaign to raise funds to help send Sisay and his family to Disney World in Florida. It is one of Sisay’s ultimate dreams is to visit there. Sisay has been very resilient in his life. Sterngold has shown an amazing gesture by working on this campaign, in collaboration with the Pi Center, who is providing the restorative care for Sisay to raise $8000.  Further, any donations that is received beyond the Disney Trip goal will be added to Sisay's future medical expenses.

Today, Sterngold Dental, LLC continues to build upon a rewarding century-old relationship with restorative dentistry, and is a world renowned leader in alloys, attachments, implants, and restorative systems. 

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