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REALscore provides cutting edge, affordable, world-class reports, data, maps and consulting to quickly help make critical "location" and strategic decisions. Townies get a 20% discount.
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Location Strategy Consulting
Use screen sharing technology for online, interactive sessions with REALscore experts to get answers to Location Strategy questions.
Practitioner to
Population Ratios
Knowing your competition and market saturation level is critical for any startup or existing practice. We know where your competitors are, and that means you don’t have to rely on unreliable zip code data or incomplete online data.
Demographic &
Business Data
This is key for every practice. Don’t startup a practice without it, and If you’re an existing practice, get a baseline – your Demographics have likely changed. Evaluate future growth potential & impact on growth goals.
Location Search/ Find Underserved Areas
We’ve helped clients nationwide find underserved areas to practice in. Our data shows that around most areas of the country, there are still excellent, competitively untapped pockets of opportunity just waiting for a practice.
Startup Practices
Don’t leave your future to chance. We have the competition & demographic data to show you what your market looks like now, and what it will likely look like 5 years from now.
Existing Practices
For strategic purposes, get a baseline on what your demographics and competition look like. If you’re been in your practice for 5 years or more, your market has likely changed.
Existing Patient Dispersion
Where do your patients truly come from? What’s the impact on your marketing plan? If you move, what’s the impact on your patient base? Dispersion has a major impact on your practice, and we can help you analyze your practice.
Find & Target Neighborhoods
Find specific neighborhoods that fit your demographic & drive time criteria to focus your marketing efforts and use the data to create a Marketing Plan with your Marketing partner.
Risk Detection
Location Strategy is all about using data to help avoid risk in the first place. We have the data to help you identify threats to your practice goals, so you can take steps to mitigate those threats.

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