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Posted 11/4/2013 by OpenADentalOffice in How To Open A Dental Office   |  Comments: 9  |   Views: 106305
Dental Signs Matter - 5 Rules To Live By
Yes, Dental Signs DO Matter. Here Are 5 Rules To Live By 1. Go Outside Look at your building and make sure traffic can see your sign clearly! I have seen so many practices that have good dental office signs that are positioned in a way that hurts morethan it helps. A great idea I heard once...Read More
Posted 10/9/2013 by Steelties in Diary of My Dental Ortho Practice Startup   |  Comments: 2  |   Views: 78556
Hello everyone, I'm a an orthodontist starting a practice in NYC (New York City) in the process of starting a new practice. I have researched all the resources, websites, blogs, magazines, books, etc. But I couldn't foresee the problems that I had to deal with. I am writing this blog solely of...Read More
Posted 7/23/2013 by dr_curtis in Straight Bytes   |  Comments: 4  |   Views: 78482
If you're not monitoring you office phone scripting, who is?
A patient of mine who specializes in relationship marketing explained to me that business is a really big funnel. At the top of the funnel we seek to attract as many interested potential clients (patients) from as many sources as possible. Some of the leads we have fall out of the funnel and...Read More
Posted 8/15/2013 by dr_curtis in Straight Bytes   |  Comments: 1  |   Views: 75081
Diode laser contouring post orthodontics:  Icing on the cake!
There are a number of etiologic factors that can contribute to puffy, enlarged or hypertrophied gingival tissue. This condition unfortunately is a frequent occurrence with orthodontic treatment. Poor brushing is the most common factor sited by orthodontists. Other common causes include mouth...Read More
Posted 5/21/2013 by garytakacs in Keep Smiling!   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 73078
Grow Your Whitening Business in the Wedding Season
If you have been a regular reader of this blog you know I am passionate about using whitening as a practice-building strategy. With the June wedding season on the horizon, now is a great time to promote whitening in your office. Here are a few tips/suggestions I recentlydiscussedin an interview...Read More
Posted 6/20/2013 by dr_curtis in Straight Bytes   |  Comments: 1  |   Views: 72974
All things google for your dental office
Googlize Your Business All Things Google for Your Practice by Alan A. Curtis, DDS, MS, Editorial Director, Orthotown Magazine Google is more than a search engine. Google wants to be your go-to source for everything. No, really. It wants to be your source for all information in the world. Its...Read More
Posted 7/18/2013 by Mary Beth Bajornas in Maximizing Scheduling Opportunity   |  Comments: 1  |   Views: 72810
Even in a dental office... People don't buy for logical reasons - They buy for emotional reasons.
True that, right? All buyers are influenced, good and bad, by emotion. Emotional connections with your patients can determine the strength, length and profitability of your relationship. Positive emotions build loyalty, trust and referral based growth. Everything that happens in...Read More
Posted 11/9/2013 by Trisha O'Hehir in Trisha's Blog   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 72461
U of Louisville 10th Annual Floss Walk
Here's the crowd at the start of the Floss Walk. Perfect day for a walk early in the morning in Louisville.Read More
Posted 5/21/2013 by rjb_213 in Dental Wellness   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 72207
"WHY" do CAMBRA? An Interview with Dr. Doug Young
Q: What is your "Why"? A: The simple answer would be- why don’t you treat all patients the way you want to be treated? If you know drilling teeth alone is doing nothing to solve the disease, then anything you do to treat disease is better than doing nothing. To me there is a lot we can do...Read More
Posted 2/25/2015 by Brent Cornelius in Brent Cornelius Dentistry   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 71893
Why Do My Teeth Hurt When I’m Ill?
Let’s say you’ve come down with a really bad cold. Or the flu. Or bronchitis. The type of illness doesn’t really count, but it has to be severe enough that you have a slight or moderate fever and you ache. You also have a runny nose, possibly nasal decongestion and a sore...Read More
Categories: sick, sore teeth
Posted 11/20/2013 by Kevinneil in How Offering Anti Ageing Can Transform Your Practice   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 71870
The "F Word" In Dental Marketing
The Importance of Frequency in Dental Marketing When I’m talking to me clients about their dental marketing programs (or lack of them). I’m often asked “how often should I do this or that”. The answer is that frequency is all important in marketing your dental practice, in...Read More
Posted 11/10/2013 by ejfdds in Desert Ridge Smiles   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 71868
Working on my Bucket List
Have you ever wanted to do something that would stretch your capabilities, but would empower you once completed? I did just that when I was able to hike the Grand Canyon, with some experienced hiker friends of mine! Now I have done day hikes around Arizona my whole life, but the last...Read More
Posted 1/28/2014 by OpenADentalOffice in How To Open A Dental Office   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 71519
The 5 Budget-Killing Construction Costs that Ruin Dental Offices
*Please note: For the sake of space on this page, please see the full length explanations of The 5 Budget-Killing Constructions Costs that Ruin Dental Offices at: For the record: I am not a contractor. Yet, I’ve witnessed dozens of clients get hoodwinked and ripped off in new office...Read More
Posted 6/5/2013 by garytakacs in Keep Smiling!   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 71431
We Can Do Better Than This!
Recently the American Dental Association reported that in 2010 only 37% of the adults in the US visited the Dentist (). Ughhhh…......We can do better than this. We need to do better than this! If you are reading this blog post, I suspect that you are as passionate about helping people...Read More
Posted 8/1/2013 by kevinweir in Patient Retention-Your Key to a Profitable Dental Practice   |  Comments: 3  |   Views: 71099
I was working with a client recently who was describing all the strategies he was going to use to attract new patients to his clinic. They were glitzy, flashy, and actually quite expensive. Once he was finished I asked him “So tell me how much you are going to invest to keep the patients you...Read More
Posted 10/1/2013 by rjb_213 in Dental Wellness   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 71056
Is CAMBRA being taught in Dental Schools? Hear from UNC!
School is back in session! Most dental schools (if not all) teach CAMBRA protocols to students in some fashion. In this series Dr. Scott Eidson, Group Clinic Director at the University of North Carolina School of Dentistry, provides an insider’s look into how UNC is teaching CAMBRA to the...Read More
Posted 8/20/2013 by rjb_213 in Dental Wellness   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 70995
How Dr. Michael McClure of Orange Park, Florida performs CAMBRA
Tooth decay is out of control. We are not okay with that. This series:is meant to provide a clearer and more comprehensive view of how CAMBRA operates day to day all over the country. Each snapshot will highlight both the logistical processes of CAMBRA as well as the motivation behind its...Read More
Posted 8/15/2013 by Sandy Pardue in Sandy Pardue, Consultant/Classic Practice Resources   |  Comments: 1  |   Views: 70694
Noise and Distractions at the Front Desk
Hear Ye, Hear Ye! It looks like it’s time to muster the troops and expound upon a worthy virtue! The subject of the day is the old adage—“Silence is golden.” An adage, of course, is a simple truth. And the truth of the matter is, the front desk can be more effective...Read More
Posted 11/21/2013 by rjb_213 in Dental Wellness   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 70461
Dr. Doug Thompson shares his perio protocol. An interview.
We had the great privilege to sit down and discuss a groundbreaking Personalized Periodontal Medicine approach that is taken at . Q: Dr. Thompson, why did you decide to start using the in your Personalized Periodontal Medicine protocol? What is it doing for you? A: Dr. Kutsch introduced the...Read More
Posted 10/8/2013 by Sandy Pardue in Sandy Pardue, Consultant/Classic Practice Resources   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 69658
Never Withdraw Your Attention from the Patient
Withdrawing your attention from a patient can be perceived by the patient as a “put down”. In truth, it is a “put down”. Many years ago, I was at a boothmeeting with a company representative about hisservices at a convention.During our conversation the individual I was...Read More
Posted 5/13/2013 by garytakacs in Keep Smiling!   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 69581
We Can Do Better Than This!
Recently the American Dental Association reported that in 2010 only 37% of the adults in the US visited the Dentist (). Ughhhh………We can do better than this. We need to do better than this! If you are reading this blog post, I suspect that you are as passionate about helping...Read More
Posted 8/19/2013 by garytakacs in Keep Smiling!   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 69040
Continuing Education is the Key to a Thriving Dental Practice
As I am writing this blog post I am attending a CE course in Utah provided by Dr. PK Clark at his Whitecap Institute. This is a week long course and it is providing a truly amazing experience for those attending. The attendees range in experience from a young Dentist who has been in practice for a...Read More
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Posted 7/1/2013 by jeremy1217 in Dental Practice Advanced Technology   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 68683
The dental office has changed drastically over the last few decades. Between swapping shag for Berber carpeting, substituting mercury amalgam fillings with composite resins, and capturing digital x-rays over film, advances in technology have proven worthwhile to both the dentist and the...Read More
Posted 11/19/2013 by OpenADentalOffice in How To Open A Dental Office   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 68615
Nightmare Stories – But Ones You Should Know on Dental Contractors; Part 2
The wrong team members on yourPractice Project Teamcan make an enjoyable, career defining, fun project turn into stress, frustration, budget pain and even anger.In general, there are 2 major losses if you have the wrong dental contractor or wrong Practice Project Teammember: Time and...Read More
Posted 5/3/2013 by Carl_ETS_Recruiter in ETS Dental: Building Practices - Enhancing Careers   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 68533
Potential Hiring Red Flags for Dental Practices
We interview thousands of dentists and dental office staff applicants each year, and we look through at least three times as many resumes. Many have glaring red flags and some are so subtle that asking more questions or investigating is required. Here is a list of job candidate red flags....Read More
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