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Four Reasons to Consider IV Sedation Dentistry

Four Reasons to Consider IV Sedation Dentistry

12/17/2014 5:42:23 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 310
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In Intravenous (IV) sedation, a drug is being administered through injecting it in order to make the patient feel like he is asleep. This type of sedation does not necessarily induce sleep; however the patient stays unconscious and could still follow the instructions from the dentist. But given this sedation, the feeling of being relaxed would still be intense that the patient could remember what took place during the treatment. This happens because of the drug that has been administered that can bring about amnesia. It could either be in just a part or in full, from the moment the patient feels the effects of sedation until its effects wear off.

The drug for sedation is administered into the vein using a thin needle encased in a soft plastic tube. When it’s removed from the vein, this leaves the plastic tube behind and the tube will be used to administer the drug. In addition, an anti-anxiety sedative is used for IV sedation.  When the UV sedation is administered, it will be supervised by a trained and experienced dentist lexington SC, thus it is extremely safe. However, an IV sedative is not intended to be used during pregnancy, or with patients with glaucoma, kidney or lung problems, and allergies to sedative drugs. Moreover, IV sedation is also not recommended for older patients.

Benefits of IV Sedation Dentistry

    1. Sedation level and Dosage can be Adjusted

The dosage of the sedative can be titrated through administering some small incremental doses until the patient gets the desired level of sedation that will provide him with adequate relaxation and comfort. In case the patient does not get sedated during the procedure, the dentist may administer additional medication. The ability to be able to quickly and easily adjust the sedation level is considered to be one of the main advantages of IV sedation dentistry.

    2. Consciousness is Maintained

IV sedation offers patients an effective alternative to general anesthesia, especially for those who would want to get a high sedation level, yet would like to avid general anesthesia simply because they are not medically fit for such or they want to be spared from paying a higher cost, as well face greater risks of complications. Given that patients remain conscious during the procedure, this makes IV sedation a safer alternative.

    3. Faster Onset of Sedation

The administration of drugs for IV sedation reaches the brain and begins to take effect just after a few seconds- indeed faster when compared to oral sedation. In the case of oral sedatives, they often take effect after an hour. Additionally, nitrous oxide has a fast onset also, yet it cannot deliver high sedation level.

    4. Faster Treatments, Lesser Appointments

Just like with other sedation techniques, the different dental treatments under IV sedation could be performed faster, which would require lesser appointments. When the procedure is performed, a staff member will monitor the vital signs of the patient. This gives the dentist the freedom to focus on the treatment without any distractions and having to worry about discomfort. Furthermore, IV sedation is time-saving- a great advantage for busy patients with a strict schedule.

While there could be many options when it comes to procedures and treatments, being able to choose the best and most fitted one are the key to achieving great results with great safety. Understanding what is sedation dentistry? is essential to make informed decisions, save time, money, and effort.

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