You Should Know: DC Dental by Benjamin Lund, Editor Dentaltown Magazine

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You Should Know: DC Dental
by Benjamin Lund, Editor, Dentaltown Magazine

In 2002, DC Dental was formed as an independent alternative supplier in the dental market. Since then the company has grown steadily based on its foundation of three basic tenets: value, selection and delivery, and high quality customer service. Dentaltown Magazine met with the team at DC Dental to learn more about the company, how it differs from its competitors and how it is impacting the dental supply market.

David, if you were to meet a dentist on the street who had no idea what DC Dental is, how would you explain it to him/her?
CEO David Charnowitz: DC Dental is an independent, trusted advisor and service provider to the dental profession. We're a full-service dental supply house that provides value-priced equipment and supplies, continuing education, equipment service and office design, all backed by superior customer service. We truly make every recommendation with the dentist's best interests in mind.

How does DC Dental compete with the "big dogs"?
Vice President of Sales & Marketing Aaron M. Friedman: We compete by offering dentists a true alternative to the big-box dealers. We will find the best priced product or service to meet their need without any external factors influencing the decision. We're small enough to be flexible: We conform to the way each client wants to do business; they drive the process and the relationship. Finally, we offer a single point-ofcontact from an expert who knows the dentist and his or her needs for everything. No one ever gets shuttled around different departments or has to explain something over and over again.

How does the dental supply industry differ from 10 years ago?
Customers who have been in the industry for more than 10 years are glad to see us in the market. They remember when there were many more full-service, independent dental suppliers. Over the past years, the independent suppliers have been bought by or merged with the handful of giants that control the industry. Because of that, now there's much less competition and prices have risen. We've brought back the independent, service- and value-oriented supplier.

What sort of customer service can dentists expect when they work with DC Dental?
Friedman: I mentioned earlier that we're completely focused on the customer, with a single point-ofcontact who knows the dentist, the staff and the account. We also make every contact as easy as possible, because our clients choose the way they want to work with us. Customers can call, e-mail, order from our website, get a face-to-face visit from one of our experts, use our printed catalog, whatever's most convenient for them. And we back it all with an unconditional satisfaction guarantee.

What is DC Dental's biggest claim to fame?
Director of Marketing Michael Daniel: We have several. Over the past 10 years we've been the fastest growing dental supply company in the country. We have headquarters in Baltimore and offices in New York and Ohio, all of them with showrooms and training centers for hands-on demonstrations and continuing education. Most importantly, we focus on long-term relationships, not shareholders, so our clients know we have their best interests at heart.

Why should dental practices work with DC Dental?
Friedman: Dental practices should work with DC Dental because we're a viable alternative to the big-box suppliers. We're more flexible, more client-oriented and a better value. Our relationships with our customers are more personal, and we can make recommendations based on what we know they prefer. Dentists really do have a choice.

What's on the horizon for DC Dental in the next five years?
Charnowitz: We have a lot going on over the next five years. Later this year we'll be opening our state-of-the-art automated distribution center, which will be the most advanced fulfillment center in the dental industry. We'll be able to fulfill and ship orders faster with even greater accuracy than we do now. We'll also be releasing a smart phone app that customers can use for ordering, giving them another way to work with us if they prefer. Bottom line is that we plan on more growth: more branches in strategic locations and doubling our size in the next three to five years.

If you would like to ask DC Dental some of your own questions, comment on this article. For more information about DC Dental, visit

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